Jasmine Valentine is a contemporary Oriental Belly Dance Dancer known for her elegance and unique  style,

that is mysterious, lively, authentic, and fun. She seeks to bring the party to life and to make each event a happy memorable one.

Her dance skills include Classic and Modern Belly Dance inspired by the greater Awalim dancer traditions of Raks Sharki.

The Awalim were professional women musicians and dancers who danced in private homes,  temples, and palaces during  ancient times and more recently in theatres, cabarets, fine dining establishments, and private homes and businesses.

Her other skills include Bollywood. Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, and Lyrical.

She also performs the entirely diffferent cultural dance art , Polynesian Dance. Please contact for more information about Hula Dance, and to book her for your tropical inspired events!

Jasmine is of Arabian descent and loves and performs the authentic expression of Middle Eastern dance and music, while embracing modern trends.

Throughout her career, many teachers influenced her as she learned this beautiful art and many dancers inspired her.

     Years ago, Jasmine was a fashion and glamour model who regularly attended ballet class to "keep in shape". There she met her first Oriental Dance teacher, whena male ballet dancer, was traveling through town and who taught a belly dance workshop specifically for the dance academy.

After the workshop Horacio Ci Fuentes kindly complemented her natural ability and encouraged her to continue studying Oriental Dance. Soon after the workshop, she sought a local teacher.

     She began her belly dance career in Kansas City Missouri, at a local gourmet Egyptian café, where the owner, who was a famous Egyptian chef, thought she resembled Samia Gamal, and told her she made him feel homesick. She soon became a popular dancer. She expanded her area to dance for other local venues, and was invited to dance for private parties and events for a decade.

Early in the 1990s, she moved to Dallas Texas, where she danced for such venues as Sinbads Palace, Al Amir Restaurant and Nightclub, The Marrakesh, Café Istanbul, Stratos, The Pyramid, and many others. She lived and worked in Dallas Texas, until 2003, when she moved to Houston TX. There she continued to dance regularly at local festivals, venues, and private events. Houston's widely diverse population encouraged much change and opportunity to expand her dance repertoire to include Bollywood and Polynesian dance. She also teaches private classes, and is a Goddess Life belly dance fitness instructor. She loves dance, chocolate, her family and friends, cats, art, music, and fashion.


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