Authentic Belly Dance


The beautiful sensuous music fills the air.

Then you hear the tinkling of finger cymbals.

A beautiful dancer appears holding a
silken, shimmering veil.

Her lovely body undulates to the
music and her jeweled hips beat in time to the pulsating

The dancer works her magic and the audience becomes mesmerized.

She brings the music to life.

The music floats on as she dances through the room. Her gilded and kholed eyes, flirting and laughing, she draws certain people into the show.
Everyone smiles clapping thier hands enjoying the scene that is enacted.
She send them back to their friends and loved ones, while the music reaches a crescendo.

The dancer twirls into a fascinating finish!!!
Jasmine is a modern performer of the ancient art of
Belly Dance.

She is of Middle Eastern descent and has
danced since very young.

 She feels a special love for belly dance.
She believes it empowers the woman performing
the dance as well as her audience.

Its flowing sensual
staccato movements are mesmerizing.

Watching her
performance and listening to the music uplifts the heart and
spirit. It is glamorous too, and the costuming and beauty of
the performer is part of the show.

Belly dancing is fun ,sexy
and exotic. It is perfect party entertainment; enjoyable for
any age group. Jasmine can create a performance
package appropriate for your special occasion.

Ask Jasmine about her special themes.

Let her take you on a journey to

the perfumed veiled mystery of long ago times and places...